Survival of the Fittest: The secrets to keeping your customers

It’s a crowded content world! How to keep users engaged?

Let’s face reality: Consumers today have too many content choices. They can subscribe to several OTT services, each for a nominal fee and without commitments. They can watch the content they like, when they like, on their preferred devices. With the huge library of content that each service has, it can be hard for the customer to decide what to watch! And with no long-term contracts or commitments, leaving the services is easy. 25% of subscribers join a paid service to take advantage of free trials or discounted starting rates. 35% of them leave when the offer expires, and 24% leave after watching the content they had subscribed for. What can content providers do to keep growing their user base?

Keep improving content recommendations

Service providers can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) to monitor and analyze user preferences (both at the household and individual viewer levels) in order to make recommendations that surface content that aligns with their previous -and future- viewing patterns. This will help customers find appropriate content without having to search vast libraries.

Personalized Engagement

Service providers can send proactive messages on the customer’s preferred communication channels to inform them of existing, new, and upcoming content that matches their interests. These proactive messages can also inform them of any new cool features as they are being introduced.

Gamification & Viewer Collaboration

Providers can incentivize their customers to rate and submit reviews on the content they have watched or recommend content to their friends. These rewards could include granting access to exclusive content or credits.

Improving Customer Support

OTT providers can improve their customer’s experience with them by making it easier to be contacted at the right time and on any device. This includes being available on their preferred channels such as voice, messaging, email, mobile, social, and within the application/viewing platform. Providers can also leverage technologies like chatbots, AI / ML, and automation to improve self-service capabilities and reduce wait times!

Here’s Why Streamers Choose Streann Over OTT Competitors

Content creators come to Streann based on our reputation of being the highest quality video platform available, but they stay because of the ease that our solutions provide, and the care that we give to each individual brand. We consider ourselves the industry standard for OTT providers. The key question: Can one platform do it all?

Choosing the highest quality video

Video quality is a trait so obviously important that it can sometimes be overlooked. It’s also the area with the most disparity among OTT providers, and the most frustration for content creators and audiences alike. Content providers invest significant financial resources, and countless hours, into each piece of content they produce. But low-quality video can ruin the viewing experience for their users, causing even long-time fans to turn elsewhere for content. That’s exactly why Streann has always put so much emphasis on video quality. When a video is uploaded to Streann, our industry-leading transcoding architecture ensures the best possible experience to customers across platforms. We also leverage the best content delivery networks available, which means that the viewing experience will remain consistent, regardless of device and internet connection.

The real meaning of end-to-end

End-to-end is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the OTT provider world. But what does it really mean? For true end-to-end services, you need only one platform to distribute your content, engage with your customers, and monetize. The best part? You end up saving money: lots of OTT providers that aren’t end-to-end require their customers to sign up for a second, or even third service just for their platform to work at the most basic level. And oftentimes, those supplementary services aren’t free. Not only is this misleading, but it puts many creators in a position where they’ve spent their entire OTT budget on a service, only to find out that the service won’t even run without additional spending. Additionally, the more disparate tools a service needs to run, the more inefficient it is. Creators may need to install and manage multiple systems, wrangle multiple invoices, and chase down multiple vendors in the event that an issue arises. All of it takes away from time that should be spent creating high-quality content. Streann’s OTT platform is truly end-to-end. When a creator signs up to host their content with us, that’s the only signup they’ll ever be asked to use. There will never be hidden fees or tangled webs of tools and technical issues.

How to join the advertising boom of Connected TVs

We are in the middle of the streaming revolution, and there are no signs of slowing down! There are now more US households reachable via streaming devices (84 million) than traditional ones (78 million). The newest trend? Forward-thinking advertisers are investing top dollars into Connected TV (CTV) as a means to reach their target market, either alongside an existing linear media strategy or as a standalone channel. How are brands embracing this relatively new channel for their marketing needs?

1. The programmatic world

Buying programmatically gives brands the greatest level of flexibility in terms of timing, targeting, and optimization. It’s possible to rapidly iterate tests — like other digital channels — in ways that aren’t possible through other buying methods. This is a powerful approach, which is why an increasing amount of CTV advertising is being bought this way. Buying CTV programmatically requires having an agreement in place with a DSP that allows you to run CTV campaigns.

2. Connected TV Platforms

The second approach to CTV buying is to work directly with a platform. If you’re working directly with Roku, the agreement would include inventory within the Roku UI, and almost all of this particular inventory is bought to promote apps that function on the Roku OS. Depending on the amount you’re spending, this route may open up the possibility of added value impressions, which helps to bring down the CPM. The downside of this method is that you’re effectively limited to the inventory available within that platform. So if buying directly from Roku, you will only reach Roku viewers. And in order to reach viewers of Samsung smart TVs, you would need a deal with Samsung Ads.

3. Publishers

Another method to buying CTV advertising, which will feel more familiar to those coming from the linear side, is working directly with publishers. This involves contacting your desired app or publisher, requesting a proposal, and negotiating a deal. While some publishers may offer access to third-party segments to add a layer of targeting, others may also have first-party data on their users that would not be accessible programmatically.

Want to monetize? We have the know-how!

In recent months, we have implemented breakthrough technology in video advertising to increase our clients’ digital revenues significantly, including major media groups around the world like RCTV (Global), USSSA (US), and JBFM and Radio Cidade (Brazil). With spending on video ads growing in 2021 on CTV and OTT, it’s just the right time to add expertise and new game-changing features to monetize. Contact us, and we will show you how!

Launching OTT apps? How to improve your App Store reviews and rankings

After lots of hard work and planning, you’ve now entered the new world of OTT apps. Congratulations! Like any proud owner of a new app, you’ve likely put a lot of work into getting yours off the ground and can’t wait for the whole world to meet your new little bundle of joy. With millions of apps in each app store, however, getting users to find and download your app is no small feat. The good news is that with an average rating of 4.9, Streann’s branded OTT apps provide a high-quality experience for your users! To help improve your app’s discoverability in the app store, we’ve put together a useful list of best practices that you can implement today.

1. Great OTT apps grab attention with impactful visuals and copy

Make sure your app hits all the right notes when it comes to how it’s perceived visually and how it makes potential users feel when they read about it. Design and user experience are everything!

2. The most popular OTT apps optimize keywords for better reach

OTT apps are the new websites. And just how websites rely on relevant keywords to optimize SEO for discoverability on the web, app keywords are just as important for maximizing ASO (App Search Optimization) in the app stores. Here are a few suggestions on how to optimize app store keywords.
  • Know the impact of app title and subtitle Your app Title and Subtitle will carry the largest weight as keywords. There often isn’t much you can do to change these, but worth noting its impact.
  • Keep character counts in mind Apple allows for 100 max characters. Google allows for 167. When compiling your list, include commas in the total count, but don’t worry about spaces. Also, no need to include your app name as a keyword as it’s accounted for in the Title field.

3. Promote your OTT apps

Paid advertising in app stores and online is often a good exercise in testing the discoverability of your app to determine how to optimize further. Both the Apple and Google Play apps stores offer the ability to pay for your app to be featured. You can advertise your Roku OTT app on its Channel Store as well.

4. Drive user app ratings & reviews

Getting high user ratings and a lot of great app reviews is probably the best thing you can do to make sure your OTT apps succeed. In fact, one report found that 90% of consumers consider app ratings to be a critical part of their decision-making process. Here are three ways you can drive positive app store ratings and reviews:
  • Use Streann OTT’s built-in prompts: Your Streann OTT apps have built-in prompts to encourage your users to rate and review your app when they’re most engaged.
  • Enlist your loyal fans: Sometimes you just have to ask! Some of your users will be more than happy to give you glowing reviews if you simply ask nicely. To help facilitate, Streann’s OTT solution lets you reach out to users directly via email and in-app notifications and provides the ability to export your user list to create a tailored email campaign.
  • Stay on top of negative reviews: Just as important, when you do get a negative review, don’t ignore it. Make sure you respond to that user with a thoughtful response that will let that user (as well as your larger user base) know that you genuinely care and that you’ll do what you can to address their concern.
We hope this list is a great start to get you on the right path, but as a valued Streann OTT customer, you’ll always have the help you need to come up with the right strategy. Just reach out!

5 reasons to launch your own OTT with Streann

Most broadcasters don’t have the tools they need to drive awareness, build their brand, acquire a critical mass of subscribers, and earn the revenues they need (all while providing a quality experience to their fans). From the outset, it may seem impossible to turn a small content provider into a full-fledged content business without hiring teams of developers, designers, and customer support staff. Take our client JBFM. They turned to Streann’s OTT technology to build their subscription service and increase their revenue by 500%, thanks to our digital ad technology. How can you get the same results with our OTT tech? We give you the 5 reasons here!

1. Seamless Apps for Smartphones and Connected Devices

Today, a high-quality native app is a requirement to grow any brand. More and more viewers prefer to enjoy their content on a mobile or connected device, and offering an app has been shown to increase signups by 25% (and upward). Normally, building an app takes a dedicated team of developers; and once a business creates an app, simply getting it into an app store platform is a lengthy and expensive process. That’s why Streann works alongside content providers to build branded apps that are accessible through all the major streaming video platforms (including App Store and Google Play) and on connected devices like Roku. Creating an app and getting it out into the world is easier than ever with us!

2. Convenient and Effective Payment Processing

In order to maximize audience growth, streaming services need to be able to accept payment from users simply, securely, and globally. Streann offers in-app subscriptions and payments, making things straightforward for your subscribers. And they love it!

3. Quality Video Management and Delivery

The success of a streaming service ultimately depends on quality, both of the video content and the overall content experience. To engage audiences, your service needs to provide pristine quality, even when users jump between internet connections.

4. Gorgeous, Effective Design and Development

Any friction viewers feel when using a subscription service can cause them to leave. That means ongoing development and design are key, even after a service launches, to keep up with both a steady influx of videos and the ever-changing media landscape. Streann’s development team is dedicated to constantly rolling out new features, squashing bugs, and ensuring the highest quality product possible. And that attention to detail leads to a much higher rate of viewer satisfaction and customer retention.

5. Powerful analytics for optimized content

When creators understand what’s resonating with their users, they can make better decisions that create a real impact for business and audience growth. This means you need comprehensive data — metrics around content preferences, audience growth, or the revenue generated by a subscriber over the lifetime of their subscription. Streann provides all of these insights and more, making it easy for creators to connect with their audience and make their service even more engaging. The time is now! You have the opportunity to convert your valuable content into a serious, profitable business. With the right tools to iterate and adapt, a streaming service will provide an incredible experience for your audiences and the right return on investment for you.

Streann Media wins “Best OTT Platform” award

Miami-based tech company is a disruptive leader in Connected TVs and programmatic ads innovation.

After launching a record number of projects in the last 12 months, Streann Media has become the world’s most innovative and interactive platform, thanks to an incredible team of streaming technology engineers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, and programmatic experts. The company, with headquarters in Miami, Florida, received the latest prize from the Produ Entertainment Awards, the most relevant media publication in the Americas. The jury, composed of industry executives and media experts, was impressed by the recent number of breakthrough projects that Streann launched solving the three major issues for content providers: distribution across platforms, user engagement, and monetization in digital. Streann Media has developed the most robust set of digital tools of the industry — more than 150 in total — including patent-pending technology in video advertising able to increase up to 10X the digital revenues of content creators. A big source of growth in 2021 is the rise of Connected TVs: for the first time in history, advertisers could reach more than 100 million households via connected, streaming TV services, and brands are reallocating their ad budgets toward digital streaming services at remarkable rates. Streann Media has data-driven solutions to bolster measurement capabilities to navigate this new era for brands and content creators: “We have clients that have had a return on investment of 350% per month. These companies have millions of impressions, and with one single line of code, they have been able to monetize from day one. We are very proud to win this award and keep pushing the boundaries of innovation for content providers”, commented Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann. With an impressive list of global clients and hundreds of millions of active users worldwide, we believe in strong partnerships as the only way to navigate the complex interaction between content and technology. “We have a fantastic partnership with Streann Media. Among many unique features, we appreciate their ability to create content without staff having to travel to the sports venue,” noted Franck Choquard, Head of Content and Platforms, Eurovision sport at EBU. “We chose them because of the technology but fell even more in love with their support. In a short period of time, we became an amazing 24/7 team.” “There are a lot of OTT providers around these days, and finding the right one can be a real challenge. Streann quickly rose to the top in our search on the features alone. However, for Surfing.com, we want a strategic partner -not just a solution provider- and this is where Streann really shines. Streann is a partner we can grow with and who has a deep understanding of our needs and our space. We’re stoked to have them in the water with us!” Chris Almida, co-founder of Surfing.com.

Streann in action… making your content a 10

After launching a record number of streaming and OTT projects in the last 12 months, Streann Media has managed to position itself as the most innovative and interactive platform on the market!

How Streann Media is redefining sports streaming

Meet the new members of the Streann family:

Eurovision Sport

Eurovision Sport, the sports department of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), has partnered up with Streann Media to develop a new set of content offerings for the upcoming multi-platform era of major sporting events. Through innovative initiatives — where the sports federation, broadcasters, and social platforms work together- Eurovision Sport aims to ensure that sport gains maximum exposure to new audiences worldwide. “This is a fantastic partnership with Streann Media, which will start offering a great experience during the European Aquatics Championships. Among many unique features, we appreciate Streann’s ability to create content without staff having to travel to the sports venue,” noted Franck Choquard, Head of Content and Platforms, Eurovision sport at EBU. “We chose them because of the technology but fell even more in love with their support. In a short period of time, we became an amazing 24/7 team.”


Surfing.com, a global watersports lifestyle media network, has partnered with Streann Media to bring the world of surfing a little bit closer to you. The niche OTT platform is launching a new set of content, targeting hundreds of millions of water sports enthusiasts worldwide. “There are a lot of OTT providers around these days and finding the right one can be a real challenge. Streann quickly rose to the top in our search on the features alone. However, for Surfing.com, we want a strategic partner -not just a solution provider- and this is where Streann really shines. Streann is a partner we can grow with and who has a deep understanding of our needs and our space. We’re stoked to have them in the water with us!” Chris Almida, co-founder of Surfing.com.

Panam Sports

Streann Media and Panam Sports partnered up to create an innovative transformation of the Panam Sports Channel that will bring fans throughout the Americas closer to sports than ever before. The digital makeover not only included a brand-new and user-friendly web experience highlighting Pan American Sport, but also the historic launch of the first Panam Sports Channel mobile application now available to download for free on the Apple and Google Play Stores. Thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Streann Media and Panam Sports’ pledge to keep athletes at the heart of every decision, Pan American Sport now has a new digital home. “As Panam Sports, we are taking a very important step in this fast-moving digital world. We have made a great investment because we believe it is essential to promote our sport, our athletes and to be able to reach more people throughout our continent. We know it is not an easy task, and that is why we need the support of the National Olympic Committees, the International Federations, and the Pan American Confederations to ensure that this great dream that becomes a reality today will have the success that the athletes deserve,” said Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic.

What do you know about your audience?

A simple question that not many content providers can answer correctly.

Are you looking for the right outlet to give people access to content in a way that was easily consumable? Do you have a lot of needs? Want to start going direct to your audience? Do you want to make sure you’re white-label? To succeed in the new era of content, you need to engage with your community. Who’s your audience and where do they live? What do they eat? What do they read? What do they do? What do they care about? How do you reach them? Because you can have the greatest content in the world and put it out there. But if you don’t know where the audience is, you’re never going to get them to come and watch. If you’re taking the niche route, you need to identify who that niche is. And you have to be prepared to test your content and be flexible. It can take time. You are going to build your programming, not all at once, but by testing it out over a period of time and seeing what’s working best, and what’s resonating for most of your audience. Be prepared to pivot into what’s working. All of the input you get from social media is gold. People are telling you what they like, what they don’t like, and what they want. They ask for it. This is invaluable information for a content creator. With OTT platforms based on subscriptions, you’re either catering with all of your content to a select group of people interested in something very specific, or you are a hit-based platform, an entertainment platform for everyone. In the latter case, you need one show that people really care about as a starting place. For Hulu, for example, it was Handmaid’s Tale. Streann offers tons of engagement features. It is also important to encourage feedback to be able to understand what people are looking for. At Streann we want to make sure that you have a lot of contact with your users! The foundation is data. We know how each person consumes content: for how long, at what time, and that is the basis of content personalization.

Success Case Study: TVN Americas

One of the main television stations in the Americas launched TVN PASS, its new streaming platform to revolutionize the video market in Panama and bring its quality content to the entire world. TVN Pass is a hybrid between traditional television and TikTok, as it includes news, national production, novels, and exclusive series. It gives new local creators the opportunity to have their space in the app.

What Streann built for TVN:


Users answer surveys, participate in trivia games, and actively participate in generating content in certain shows.


TVN PASS is distributed on all digital platforms, such as Roku, App Store, Apple TV, Play Store, and Fire TV.


The business model is based on digital advertising. Streann provides TVN with new forms of data-driven monetization and clicks optimization. “The time has come to evolve, to have more and launch our own OTT. After evaluating different offers, we stayed with Streann, because it is the platform that offered us the most added value”, said Olga Voitier, Technology Manager at TVN. “The OTT is the present and the future of the strategy direct to consumer. With more than 100 digital tools, TVN now has the most interactive and innovative streaming platform in the region. And more things are coming for them”, said Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

Gen Z: The Generation that is Never Offline.

The time to capture this $40 billion market is now!

Is your content ready for Gen Z?

Gen Z, the tech-savvy digital natives, now account for 30% percent of consumer buying power in the U.S. Want to get a piece of this huge market? The same old strategies simply won’t work. The reason is clear: content consumption patterns for this generation are completely different from other generations. And though they may seem like a different species, they’re the future. Ignore them, and risk disappearing.

Here’s how they’re different:

  • Just over 61 percent spend three or more hours a day watching streaming content.
  • What’s a TV? 50% of Gen Zs use PC/laptops to do so and 42% use their mobile to stream.
  • Just under half say they watch episodes back-to-back, making them frequent binge-watchers.

What do they want?

Generation Z want diverse, complex, cultural stories. They gravitate toward content that grapples with big issues facing society, as purpose and politics are core to this generation’s identity. Generation Z is more connected than ever to global cultures and fandoms, leading to much wider viewing experiences. Finally, they are much more likely to immerse themselves in shows created in different languages, given the high popularity of shows like Money Heist and Yuri! On Ice. True to their reputation, they’re rewriting the rules on how we consume media, based on their desire to get what they want when they want it. For content creators and broadcasters, building brand loyalty with today’s digital-first consumer is a radically different, data-driven process, compared to traditional media. YouTube is still the most popular platform among this generation. But competition is growing through two popular features: stories and gaming. Around 86 million users subscribe to gaming-related videos on YouTube — with around 4 in 10 Gen Z users, watching a gaming livestream or game trailer in the last month. Rival sites have stepped up to cater to this generation’s affinity for gaming; Twitch, for example, currently downloaded on the phones of 40% of Gen Z. TikTok has been the game-changer. The number of Gen Zs in Europe who use TikTok daily is growing by over 250% in 2021! At this pace, they will surpass YouTube in popularity in a few months.

How to “Gen Z proof” your content?

Generation Z is all about engagement. They’re not passive consumers. They’re creative, bold, and the creators of many new trends. Streann has tons of experience with engagement features, and implementing user-generated content strategies for content creators. With more projects than ever before, Streann has all kinds of data and engagement features for you to target this specific audience, from chat, polls, games, stories, and more!

It’s Official; Subscription Fatigue is Here!

The secret sauce for content monetization in 2021.

What’s new in 2021?

With more streaming video services than ever before, people are finding it increasingly difficult to manage subscriptions, find the entertainment they’re looking for, and balance costs against their tolerance for advertising. As users look for niche content and trending entertainment, people are showing strong interest in ad-supported options that lower or even remove subscription costs. This is why ad-funded streaming TV platforms are becoming more attractive for consumers in 2021. 80 percent of customers say they won’t pay more than $30 per month, and 51 percent say they won’t pay more than $20 per month. More than half of TV viewers say they wouldn’t mind lowering their subscription cost on a paid streaming platform by seeing ads every other episode while watching a show, and 40 percent said they would prefer ads that are tailored to their specific interests. This shows that content creators and broadcasters have to be smart with ad-based video-on-demand (AVOD), as there is a huge opportunity here.

How are brands embracing advertising on Connected TVs?

60 percent of CTV buyers said they are shifting budgets to programmatic in an effort to improve agility and efficiency. The good news is that data-driven solutions also support better measurement capabilities. Advertisers are recognizing that CTV changes the way audiences are being targeted. With linear TV, broadcasters put emphasis on content in the hope that their target audience would tune in. But with CTV, like all digital advertising channels, audiences can be targeted with much more certainty that they are watching. Such an audience-first strategy delivers more precise measurable outcomes. TV media buyers ranked the ability to target consumers 1:1 (27 percent), advanced measurement and analytics (25 percent), and delivering to hard-to-reach audiences such as young consumers and cord-cutters (25 percent) among the top benefits of connected TV advertising. “You have already made the biggest investment, which is content creation. Now you need to be on every screen! CTV is where consumers are migrating to,” commented Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann Media.