It’s a crowded content world! How to keep users engaged?

Let’s face reality: Consumers today have too many content choices.
They can subscribe to several OTT services, each for a nominal fee and without commitments. They can watch the content they like, when they like, on their preferred devices. With the huge library of content that each service has, it can be hard for the customer to decide what to watch!
And with no long-term contracts or commitments, leaving the services is easy. 25% of subscribers join a paid service to take advantage of free trials or discounted starting rates. 35% of them leave when the offer expires, and 24% leave after watching the content they had subscribed for.
What can content providers do to keep growing their user base?

Keep improving content recommendations

Service providers can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) to monitor and analyze user preferences (both at the household and individual viewer levels) in order to make recommendations that surface content that aligns with their previous -and future- viewing patterns. This will help customers find appropriate content without having to search vast libraries.

Personalized Engagement

Service providers can send proactive messages on the customer’s preferred communication channels to inform them of existing, new, and upcoming content that matches their interests.
These proactive messages can also inform them of any new cool features as they are being introduced.

Gamification & Viewer Collaboration

Providers can incentivize their customers to rate and submit reviews on the content they have watched or recommend content to their friends. These rewards could include granting access to exclusive content or credits.

Improving Customer Support

OTT providers can improve their customer’s experience with them by making it easier to be contacted at the right time and on any device. This includes being available on their preferred channels such as voice, messaging, email, mobile, social, and within the application/viewing platform. Providers can also leverage technologies like chatbots, AI / ML, and automation to improve self-service capabilities and reduce wait times!