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Deliver your video and VOD content any time on any device.

Build your own branded content apps, distribute your content everywhere, engage users with powerful market first technology and monetize with several business model options. Smart-OTT comes in different sizes & prices.

The world's first
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The #1 content creation platform!

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You are in control of the live show: Add guests and create new content experiences with just one click!
Brand your live Streams: On the fly, you can add graphics, text, background, logo and chat with your audience!


Empowering real-time engagement.
Simply watch and chat.

Inside-Chat allows content providers to create more engagement with their users. Make your viewers interact with you in real-time.

Your content on Smart TV

 Distribute your content across all platforms anytime, anywhere.


x10 Digital ads revenue. 100% real impressions. No more skip-ads with a proprietary disruptive ad technology.

Connect with your Google DFP account or even better, embrace the power of local ads where you control CPM pricing and keep all the benefits of digital advertisement. Revolutionary. Patent pending.


Your users, their stories, on your platform.

Unleash the power of User Generated Content with a monetary rewards system integrated with PayPal.


Get every insight on content and user behavior from a single platform.

Real-time metrics about your content. Understanding your audience content behavior and your marketing ad campaigns data has never been easier.
With Machine Learning analytics the sky’s the limit.


Offers the option to create and schedule single, recycled and permanent video files.

From Prime-Time to My-Time. Recording live streaming has never been easier, 100% cloud DVR. Produce more content, publish to mobile & social media, explore new monetization opportunities.


Stream to many destinations from one single platform.

Broadcast your “live” streams to multiple destinations at the same time like: Facebook-Live, Twitter/Periscope, Youtube Live, Web, RTMP and Apps. Be discovered by thousands of new people and invite them to download your own digital platform.

Integrated with:


Streann has created a white label digital marketplace.

Where the brand / client / sponsor self manage, that is, request their radio advertising guidelines / advertisements through a web page.


Create the most immersive META experience

From idea generation to execution, we make sure your vision becomes a reality.


Reporter go LIVE from anywhere, anytime.

Live streaming drives engagement, with Inside-Live your reporters can easily go Live directly from the App for news-gathering and live content contribution.


Mobile streaming trivia games & cash rewards.

Now you can gamify the content experience and create a Trivia game on your App. Simply create the questions, schedule a time for the game and play. Your users will play the ultimate trivia experience, built by YOU!


Get real-time polls from your audience.

Get to know your digital audience, ask them questions on specific topics, programs, games, etc. Write your own polls and get user data knowledge, yes knowledge is power.

Built for every industry

No matter what your industry is, Streann Media can help you to get things done.

tv broadcaster


cable operator


radio station




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The most powerful and complete streaming platform and features. Choose from any of our pricing plans that works your business.​

Pricing Plans

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All Basic Features Plus
Branded Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)
4 audio/video channels
Event and VOD Archive
Customer support via Chat, Email
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All Basic Features Plus
Branded Mobile and TV Apps
…and more


Sinbad Actor / Comedian

“We chose Streann Media for their +100 features. The most relevant to me were: pay per view, distribution to social media, and apps on every platform. I like to keep everything I do extra funky”.

Dan Pisarski VP Engineering LiveU

“We are excited to have integrated Streann, a complete end-to-end digital media platform. Now that we have an integration with Streann, from LiveU you can send the content to Streann’s cloud platform to engage, monetize and publish the content to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitter Live, Periscope and any other RTMP service”.

Hugo Lew Jen Tai General Manager Cariflix

“Streann’s platform gives us flexibility. Our business model is Freemium, Premium and Digital ads revenue. Knowing what and where people click and watch on both web and mobile is essential to our strategy as we continue to invest in producing original content”.

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