We are in the middle of the streaming revolution, and there are no signs of slowing down! There are now more US households reachable via streaming devices (84 million) than traditional ones (78 million).
The newest trend? Forward-thinking advertisers are investing top dollars into Connected TV (CTV) as a means to reach their target market, either alongside an existing linear media strategy or as a standalone channel.
How are brands embracing this relatively new channel for their marketing needs?

1. The programmatic world

Buying programmatically gives brands the greatest level of flexibility in terms of timing, targeting, and optimization. It’s possible to rapidly iterate tests — like other digital channels — in ways that aren’t possible through other buying methods. This is a powerful approach, which is why an increasing amount of CTV advertising is being bought this way.
Buying CTV programmatically requires having an agreement in place with a DSP that allows you to run CTV campaigns.

2. Connected TV Platforms

The second approach to CTV buying is to work directly with a platform. If you’re working directly with Roku, the agreement would include inventory within the Roku UI, and almost all of this particular inventory is bought to promote apps that function on the Roku OS. Depending on the amount you’re spending, this route may open up the possibility of added value impressions, which helps to bring down the CPM. The downside of this method is that you’re effectively limited to the inventory available within that platform. So if buying directly from Roku, you will only reach Roku viewers. And in order to reach viewers of Samsung smart TVs, you would need a deal with Samsung Ads.

3. Publishers

Another method to buying CTV advertising, which will feel more familiar to those coming from the linear side, is working directly with publishers. This involves contacting your desired app or publisher, requesting a proposal, and negotiating a deal. While some publishers may offer access to third-party segments to add a layer of targeting, others may also have first-party data on their users that would not be accessible programmatically.

Want to monetize? We have the know-how!

In recent months, we have implemented breakthrough technology in video advertising to increase our clients’ digital revenues significantly, including major media groups around the world like RCTV (Global), USSSA (US), and JBFM and Radio Cidade (Brazil).
With spending on video ads growing in 2021 on CTV and OTT, it’s just the right time to add expertise and new game-changing features to monetize. Contact us, and we will show you how!