Content creators come to Streann based on our reputation of being the highest quality video platform available, but they stay because of the ease that our solutions provide, and the care that we give to each individual brand. We consider ourselves the industry standard for OTT providers.
The key question: Can one platform do it all?

Choosing the highest quality video

Video quality is a trait so obviously important that it can sometimes be overlooked. It’s also the area with the most disparity among OTT providers, and the most frustration for content creators and audiences alike.
Content providers invest significant financial resources, and countless hours, into each piece of content they produce. But low-quality video can ruin the viewing experience for their users, causing even long-time fans to turn elsewhere for content.
That’s exactly why Streann has always put so much emphasis on video quality. When a video is uploaded to Streann, our industry-leading transcoding architecture ensures the best possible experience to customers across platforms. We also leverage the best content delivery networks available, which means that the viewing experience will remain consistent, regardless of device and internet connection.

The real meaning of end-to-end

End-to-end is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the OTT provider world. But what does it really mean?
For true end-to-end services, you need only one platform to distribute your content, engage with your customers, and monetize. The best part? You end up saving money: lots of OTT providers that aren’t end-to-end require their customers to sign up for a second, or even third service just for their platform to work at the most basic level. And oftentimes, those supplementary services aren’t free. Not only is this misleading, but it puts many creators in a position where they’ve spent their entire OTT budget on a service, only to find out that the service won’t even run without additional spending.

Additionally, the more disparate tools a service needs to run, the more inefficient it is. Creators may need to install and manage multiple systems, wrangle multiple invoices, and chase down multiple vendors in the event that an issue arises. All of it takes away from time that should be spent creating high-quality content.
Streann’s OTT platform is truly end-to-end. When a creator signs up to host their content with us, that’s the only signup they’ll ever be asked to use. There will never be hidden fees or tangled webs of tools and technical issues.