Whether you’re a media company with millions of monthly visitors or an independent video blogger, OTT platforms allow you to grow your business and monetize your hard work exponentially. Now there’s an OTT platform for everyone -and as a major content creator- we’re sure you’ve put in countless hours into the creation of this content.

You could hire engineers and designers to start converting your content into a streaming platform. But it is not that simple!
It took Netflix 10+ years to get where they are.
If you are considering hiring a team of developers, designers and building everything from scratch, it’s important to understand that this can be very time consuming (between 18 and 24 months) and highly technical. That’s why an end-to-end solution is probably the right fit for media companies looking to expand to an OTT platform.

And that’s the great thing about Streann Media. We are a one-vendor / one-relationship kind of company, as we have over 100 features to bring your content into the streaming world in only four weeks. Our bug-free, risk-free solution requires no need for engineers or UX designers. That’s why Streann Media is backed by over 500 clients streaming content in over 150 countries!

Think of it this way: hiring lots of freelancers to launch your platform is like making a lego tower with different sized and colored blocks. But if you use/hire us? You get a tower where the building blocks seamlessly fit and integrate into each other, giving you a user-friendly OTT platform that your audience will definitely be entertained by.

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