Connected TV is a key platform for growth

The holiday season in 2020 brings a unique opportunity for content creators and broadcasters, as increased demand for streaming content will bring unprecedented demand for digital ads.
Your best bet is to bring your content to the living room and into the hands of users in multiple devices, and it is clear that to conquer the living room, you must have a winning Connected TV strategy.

How to become a streaming-first organization?
The new reality of the post-Covid world is here to stay: Content providers, sport organizations, churches, and others need to embrace direct-to-consumer streaming or risk becoming irrelevant.
Your content in 2021 has to be accesible in all the different platforms for users their preferred formats, with clear data feedback on their behavior when consuming your content.
How to choose a Streaming Platform Provider?
There are three main questions to answer:

Here is the good news! Just recently, if a broadcaster needed to launch a streaming service, it would require hundreds of thousands of dollars and over two years of technical development. Now, Streann OTT allows your organization to launch the most innovative streaming service in just a few weeks, with even more features than Netflix or Spotify.
Regarding the return of your investment, you should look for flexible technology providers that allow iteration within different monetization models. You may want to experiment with using Advertising-based Video On-Demand, Subscription-based Video On-Demand, or a hybrid.

Streann is the most robust turn-key solution to bring your content across all platforms ready for the holiday season! We can have your Streaming app live and in market with pixel-perfect custom design within 4 weeks.
If you’re considering launching new apps, or apps on additional platforms we’d love to help you make your holiday season a merry one, and make your 2021 even better.