Shifting to a direct customer relationship model

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021 — Part 2

Just you, me, and the TV
Since the rise of digital over-the-top (OTT) programming, the transformation of the media/audience relationship has open the doors of possibilities for video.
The key question is: how can video be leveraged to create a compelling, lasting, and valuable new field of engagement?
A direct-to-customer (D2C) video destination is proving to be a winning way to rise above the din and gain mind/wallet share, but only when done right.
“How to do it right” is a loaded question, because, in order to win at D2C, companies need to be really clear.
Key Questions to ask:

Whatever your strategic vision is as an organization, there are ways to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience that won’t require your business to invest in a massive technology buildout.
The shift is not just about how consumers consume their video, but about how video providers monetize.
The emphasis is less about fast cash, and more about lifetime viewer engagement — building a destination that stays fresh and relevant to audiences, atop a technology and process stack that improves operational efficiencies and reduces total cost of ownership.
The challenge for D2C brands is this: the way you monetize your content has a direct impact on how you deliver it. They’re interconnected.

A complete D2C video solution
Streann Media offers a turnkey Direct-To-Consumer Solution (D2C) as a smarter way to quickly and cost effectively build, launch, and manage a world-class OTT experience. No matter how the journey begins, we manage the complexities of multi-platform content management and delivery workflows while keeping costs in check.
As audience behaviors are always changing, we have the agility to scale and adapt so that your service remains relevant.
Going over-the-top with less complexity, more flexibility, and MORE CONTROL!

Key Features:
– Flexibility to explore new business models in an ever-changing media landscape.
– Ability to expand audience size, increase the lifetime value of each viewer, and gain the insights needed to keep both factors on a path of continuous improvement.
– Complete control and development of your online video brand.