Unleash the power of remote live streaming

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021 — Part 1

By all means, this was an extraordinary year. In 2020 we have seen more changes to our industry than in the previous five years, and there’s no sign that things will slow down anytime soon.
But in chaos lies opportunity — and for live video, the opportunity of a TV studio anywhere, for producing and sharing your content during this turbulent period and beyond is a game-changer.
Still not sure if you want to embrace live streaming video?
Here are three key data points to help you decide:

These live streaming statistics paint a picture of a vibrant industry that is on the rise. It’s not just good enough to have the distribution, like the old days with ABC, CBS or ESPN. You now need to control the content.
Because the internet commoditizes everything EXCEPT owning quality content. The new formula is clear: Create the content, distribute it, make it engaging, and monetize it.

The secret sauce for live streaming: quality matters!
Even though audiences are not expecting hollywood-style video (that’s a lesson to learn from Quibi’s demise) there are two key components of your live streaming strategy.
Online videos with a start-up time exceeding even two seconds have significantly higher streaming video abandonment rates, with each incremental second propelling another 6% of viewers to jump ship.
Incorporate users into your live-streaming strategy
It is a fact that content providers need to become more like Tik-Tok, and adopt features where users discover content non-stop. User-generated content -or UGC- in a branded OTT app means that your content platform includes the end-user: they become active contributors instead of passive consumers.
That’s why Streann Media just launched a game-changer!
Presenting Inside-Switcher, the first Video Studio app with different multi-camera possibilities. Our new app will enable content creators to have a TV studio anywhere.

How does it work?
Inside-Switcher synchronizes the images from smartphones or tablets and gives the possibility to choose the desired shot. Then content creators can add graphics, text, images, videos and remote video calls.
This is a perfect solution to make quality programs, gatherings, round tables, interviews, event coverage, visual radio with live broadcasts through YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Linkedin, and other platforms.
Learn more at http://streann.com/insideswitcher/