The time to capture this $40 billion market is now!

Is your content ready for Gen Z?

Gen Z, the tech-savvy digital natives, now account for 30% percent of consumer buying power in the U.S. Want to get a piece of this huge market? The same old strategies simply won’t work.
The reason is clear: content consumption patterns for this generation are completely different from other generations. And though they may seem like a different species, they’re the future. Ignore them, and risk disappearing.

Here’s how they’re different:

  • Just over 61 percent spend three or more hours a day watching streaming content.
  • What’s a TV? 50% of Gen Zs use PC/laptops to do so and 42% use their mobile to stream.
  • Just under half say they watch episodes back-to-back, making them frequent binge-watchers.

What do they want?

Generation Z want diverse, complex, cultural stories. They gravitate toward content that grapples with big issues facing society, as purpose and politics are core to this generation’s identity. Generation Z is more connected than ever to global cultures and fandoms, leading to much wider viewing experiences. Finally, they are much more likely to immerse themselves in shows created in different languages, given the high popularity of shows like Money Heist and Yuri! On Ice.
True to their reputation, they’re rewriting the rules on how we consume media, based on their desire to get what they want when they want it.
For content creators and broadcasters, building brand loyalty with today’s digital-first consumer is a radically different, data-driven process, compared to traditional media.
YouTube is still the most popular platform among this generation. But competition is growing through two popular features: stories and gaming. Around 86 million users subscribe to gaming-related videos on YouTube — with around 4 in 10 Gen Z users, watching a gaming livestream or game trailer in the last month. Rival sites have stepped up to cater to this generation’s affinity for gaming; Twitch, for example, currently downloaded on the phones of 40% of Gen Z. TikTok has been the game-changer. The number of Gen Zs in Europe who use TikTok daily is growing by over 250% in 2021! At this pace, they will surpass YouTube in popularity in a few months.

How to “Gen Z proof” your content?

Generation Z is all about engagement. They’re not passive consumers. They’re creative, bold, and the creators of many new trends. Streann has tons of experience with engagement features, and implementing user-generated content strategies for content creators. With more projects than ever before, Streann has all kinds of data and engagement features for you to target this specific audience, from chat, polls, games, stories, and more!