Streaming is the new normal.

The future is clear for media companies: embrace streaming or die. The race to monetize on streaming platforms is non-stop, and now two giants of entertainment just announced a groundbreaking merger. Televisa, one of the largest content producers in the world, joined forces with Univision to launch a Spanish-language streaming service to serve the U.S., Mexico, and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. The merger is expected to better position both companies in a new world dominated by global streaming services.

Ready to be part of the biggest disruption in media?

There really isn’t a choice. You may not produce 100.000 hours of programming per year like Televisa, but you can build a profitable streaming business today. Estimates show that streaming has jumped at least 18% this year, with projections that this growth will reach $159 billion by 2024.

What’s the best way to monetize your content?

First of all, you need to determine your niche! Do some market research to see if there’s an unmet need or demand for your content. An easy way to do this is to do a keyword search online or on YouTube to see if other companies are offering similar content. If so, what can you do differently to set yourself apart?
The next step is to choose an on-demand monetization model. Content creators and broadcasters can explore three options: SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD.

SVOD: For niche creators offering high-value, specialized content — and who are sure that people will pay for it — SVOD might be the best option for how to monetize your content. If you’re a smaller operation with a decent following, you can likely bring in more money selling subscriptions to fewer people than having to worry about consistently hitting a high number of views to rake in revenue on AVOD. And with SVOD’s autopay option, you get a steady stream of revenue each month without hustling to beat algorithms.
AVOD might be attractive to some creators as a way to start monetizing your content. Advertisers are paying you to place those ads in front of your followers, so for big media brands or influencers who know they can attract millions of views a month, AVOD can be a profitable option.
To expand upon this a bit, there are two types of AVOD models to choose from when launching your own channel:
Programmatic advertising: Your inventory (video views) is offered within an ad exchange marketplace, where advertisers will bid on your content in real-time. This takes some time to set up and maintain and requires a significant number of monthly views to be profitable.
Direct advertising: With this model, you reach out to advertisers directly to sell your inventory. For example, if you’re a yoga instructor, you could contact yoga mat manufacturers and pitch them to advertise on your channel. This strategy requires a bit of sales work upfront but requires less technical resourcing and can be quite profitable for niche content.
TVOD: Finally, what happens if you monetize your videos using TVOD? As we mentioned before, this method allows consumers to purchase or rent content on a pay-per-video or pay-per-series basis. Many publishers — especially those live streaming sports — can leverage live TVOD (also known as pay-per-view, or PPV) as their primary revenue driver.
Streann Media supports all three video monetization models — as well as hybrid combinations — to help your video business thrive. Whatever your monetization needs are, we can help. You’ll be on your way to monetization in no time!
Our team takes care of customization, regular updates, analytics, and even the difficult and time-consuming process of launching an app in various marketplaces. Again, all creative control stays with the creator, so you’re able to produce content and nurture your audience. We’ll handle the technology.