Selfie Marketing

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the world of marketing. By putting a face to the brand with our Selfie Marketing, a person becomes a trustworthy advocate for a business. Whether it’s you – the brain behind the brand – offering expert advice, or a current customer sharing an experience, simply taking a selfie can make you money in a matter of seconds.

What is Selfie Marketing?

Turning the camera around on yourself can be a fantastic way to engage potential clients. Selfie Marketing is a form of influencer marketing. By creating a level of personalization and relatability, users are more likely to trust a company. This can assist your business greatly in generating fresh leads.

How Does Selfie Marketing Work?

The technique behind selfie marketing is extremely simple. With Streann, you are able to define a story time with the options of 5, 10, 15, and 45 seconds. In that time, you can promote anything, from your brand in general to political campaigns. With Selfie Marketing, you start a one-on-one conversation with every single viewer, offering a genuine feel to your marketing efforts. And, with our PayPal integration, it’s even easier to make money!
Behind every brand is real people. Create relatable and engaging content by becoming an influencer with our extremely effective Selfie Marketing. Contact us today to learn more about your business’s potential with Streann Media’s services!
Selfie Marketing