Non-stop innovation! Streann launches two new groundbreaking features

Personalization and engagement of content are the new normal for 2021. In an unprecedented era of digital disruption, content providers are finding it increasingly difficult to win the spotlight. Simply put, if you can’t bring a personalized content experience that is a 10 in all formats, your users will go somewhere else. Streann looks at […]

Streann launches NFT and Crypto initiatives as new OTT features

Users worldwide are demanding digital wallets as a payment method for content creators and broadcasters. Content providers are finding new sources of revenue, as subscription fatigue kicks in and audiences are not willing to pay for more than three services at a time. Gamification is one of these sources! Even bigger will be a new […]

It’s a Noisy World. How to keep your audience engaged in 2021?

The new reality is forcing content providers to come up with new ways to keep users on their platforms. 2021 looks like another whirlwind year by all means, as data shows that we continue to “vault five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of weeks,” according to McKinsey. Churn is […]

AI: The future of content personalization

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021 Welcome to the era of smart content! It might seem easy, but one of the biggest challenges content providers and broadcasters face is to direct individual users to the content they really want to enjoy at just the right moment. Most streaming services use tools to make recommendations […]

A year of disruption: Top 3 trends for 2021

We all know that 2020 was a year of transformation. For content creators and broadcasters, it was more like a tsunami! After launching more OTT projects than ever last year, here are the top trends for 2021: 1. It’s not just Disney. Corona’s silver lining drives new verticals to OTT. Disney recently announced it’s a streaming-first company after […]

Launching your own OTT Platform: To build or to buy?

Whether you’re a media company with millions of monthly visitors or an independent video blogger, OTT platforms allow you to grow your business and monetize your hard work exponentially. Now there’s an OTT platform for everyone -and as a major content creator- we’re sure you’ve put in countless hours into the creation of this content. You […]

In seismic shift, Warner Bros. to stream all 2021 films.

The movie giant has embraced a digital future. The rest of the industry would do well to pay mind. In the most dramatic move by a Hollywood studio yet during the pandemic, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that all of its 2021 films — including a new “Matrix” movie, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, and the Lin-Manuel Miranda adaptation “In the […]