Your audience is global! How to increase your international reach.

The global OTT market is set to double in size by 2023 to $72.8 billion, which means there’s never been a better time to expand your reach internationally. There is an abundance of space on the global level for more local, native, and regional video content creators to gain exposure and grow their audiences. Here […]

The future of sports streaming is here!

The reliance of traditional media on live sports is being disrupted. Since live sports returned to our screens, evidence suggests that sports lovers have used the opportunity to find new ways to watch. According to our data, 39% of live sports viewers now watch their teams via ad-supported Connected TV and streaming platforms, such as […]

Televisa and Univision join forces to create a new content powerhouse

Streaming is the new normal. The future is clear for media companies: embrace streaming or die. The race to monetize on streaming platforms is non-stop, and now two giants of entertainment just announced a groundbreaking merger. Televisa, one of the largest content producers in the world, joined forces with Univision to launch a Spanish-language streaming […]

The Inevitable Dominance of Connected TVs

As we enter a new decade, marketers are faced with a dramatically different TV landscape. For the first time in history, advertisers could reach more than 84 million households via connected, streaming TV services, and this trend is not going to reverse: Connected TVs (CTV) are at the heart of this shift. In this new […]

Streann Media: “Innovation is not for everyone”

After launching a record number of streaming and OTT projects in the last 12 months, Streann Media has managed to position itself as the most innovative and interactive platform on the market. Is your team ready? For us, technology is not a problem: the biggest challenges have been internal teams. Although the world of one-way […]

Gio Punzo and Antonio Calderón present their inspirational story on innovation

“How to change the game” is the name of the book with which Gio and Antonio, co-founders of Streann Media, tell their story as entrepreneurs in an industry that maintained the status quo for too long, and now is in immediate need to discover ways to bring digital content in different formats and obtain profitability. […]

Streann adds programmatic ads expertise to help broadcasters monetize in digital.

Everyone knows that streaming is booming. Video ads on Connected TV (CTV) and streaming platforms are booming too! According to a poll from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 60% of US advertisers planned to shift ad dollars from linear TV to either CTV or OTT in 2021. Among those planning to do this, 81% cited […]