What do you know about your audience?

A simple question that not many content providers can answer correctly. Are you looking for the right outlet to give people access to content in a way that was easily consumable? Do you have a lot of needs? Want to start going direct to your audience? Do you want to make sure you’re white-label? To […]

Gen Z: The Generation that is Never Offline.

The time to capture this $40 billion market is now! Is your content ready for Gen Z? Gen Z, the tech-savvy digital natives, now account for 30% percent of consumer buying power in the U.S. Want to get a piece of this huge market? The same old strategies simply won’t work. The reason is clear: […]

It’s Official; Subscription Fatigue is Here!

The secret sauce for content monetization in 2021. What’s new in 2021? With more streaming video services than ever before, people are finding it increasingly difficult to manage subscriptions, find the entertainment they’re looking for, and balance costs against their tolerance for advertising. As users look for niche content and trending entertainment, people are showing […]

Consumers look to Connected TV for sports

The beginning of a new era has started. Linear television’s traditional reliance on live sports was upended in 2020, and that’s not simply because of the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. Sports came to a necessary halt, and even athletes had to retreat to their homes, as arenas and sports stadiums remained empty for several […]

The State of OTT

Here are the top 5 trends for the streaming world in the near future. Things continue to change quickly in OTT. All of the metrics around streaming video consumption keep growing, including time spent, ad revenue, subscription services per household, and subscription revenue. In 2021, Smart TVs and connected “box/stick” devices are showing the most […]

Rethink sports content and cash in!

2021 is a game-changing year for sports broadcasting, as the industry embraces OTT for increased revenue and viewership. Live sports consumption and delivery continue to shift dramatically to digital platforms like Smart TVs and mobile, bringing an exciting opportunity for greater engagement and monetization. Why? The answer is data: compared to traditional broadcasting, streaming gives […]

4 ways you can boost video performance with mobile push.

How content providers can dominate the second screen. The new normal: the era of multi-device content! The data is clear: The majority of viewers are not simply watching TV… Successful content providers have to win not only their audiences in the living room. They have a clear strategy to win their second screen experiences! A […]