AI: The future of content personalization

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021

Welcome to the era of smart content!

It might seem easy, but one of the biggest challenges content providers and broadcasters face is to direct individual users to the content they really want to enjoy at just the right moment.

Most streaming services use tools to make recommendations based solely on an association to something the user watched or listened to in the past. However, you need to go a step further and offer them a personalized experience on your content platform.

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What is smart content?

Smart content means that content experience itself is affected by who is seeing, watching, reading, or listening to content. The content itself changes based on who you are.

For example, TikTok’s whole content experience is driven by very short videos, audiovisual content sequences ordered and woven together by algorithms. Every user sees a different, personalized, “whole” based on their viewing history and user profile.

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How to craft your smart content strategy

To achieve the next level of content personalization, you’ll need a richer understanding of your audience’s behavior. And lucky for you, the data already exists: you just need to analyze it in a smart way.

Together, we unlock the power of your data. We gather your audience’s interactions from multiple sources, slice them to better understand engagement patterns, and obtain the KPIs that will really have an impact on your user’s experience.

The possibilities of packaging and recommending content are unlimited!

AI and machine learning algorithms can help you fully understand and process all these data. This way, you can make better recommendations, offering a content experience the current viewer is more likely to engage with across devices.

In the post-Netflix and Spotify era, let’s unlock your data’s power and create the future of content.

A year of disruption: Top 3 trends for 2021

We all know that 2020 was a year of transformation. For content creators and broadcasters, it was more like a tsunami! After launching more OTT projects than ever last year, here are the top trends for 2021: 1. It’s not just Disney. Corona’s silver lining drives new verticals to OTT. Disney recently announced it’s a streaming-first company after the successful OTT launch, and 2020 found many more entertainment brands making this transition. CBSViacom announced Paramount+ to consolidate many of its digital offerings, while Warner -in a seismic shift- announced that they will be streaming all 2021 films!
You’d be surprised at the types of companies transitioning to be Streaming-First! There are now 300 OTT apps live in the US alone, as the streaming industry is expanding: sports leagues and teams, fitness and wellness, live music and faith are now streaming experiences to the living room and mobile devices. In 2021, we’ll see some (if not all) of these genres evolve into verticals of their own. At Streann Media, we’re speaking with more and more new properties than ever before in our company’s 5-year history. 2. OTT advertising experiences exponential growth Global brands are paying attention to the shift to Connected TVs and mobile, and they are paying premium rates for the right audience, making advertising-based streaming services a great business model option.
A record 25–30% of upfront budgets went to streaming. and Q4 saw even more in-app advertising, as brands turned to Connected TV and mobile for guaranteed delivery.
3. In-app advertising grows faster than SVOD Consumers are turning to ad-supported apps to find new content without busting their entertainment budgets. It’s now widely accepted that watching ads pays for premium content, and viewers understand (vs. resent) their presence.
Viewers continue to turn to Connected TVs as the device of choice for episodic content. Want to convert your library into a modern media company? At Streann, we help content providers launch their own OTT in 24 hours. Our robust platform converts your content library into a money-making machine, through +100 distribution, engagement, and monetization features to dominate the new streaming era.

Launching your own OTT Platform: To build or to buy?

Whether you’re a media company with millions of monthly visitors or an independent video blogger, OTT platforms allow you to grow your business and monetize your hard work exponentially. Now there’s an OTT platform for everyone -and as a major content creator- we’re sure you’ve put in countless hours into the creation of this content.
You could hire engineers and designers to start converting your content into a streaming platform. But it is not that simple! It took Netflix 10+ years to get where they are. If you are considering hiring a team of developers, designers and building everything from scratch, it’s important to understand that this can be very time consuming (between 18 and 24 months) and highly technical. That’s why an end-to-end solution is probably the right fit for media companies looking to expand to an OTT platform.
And that’s the great thing about Streann Media. We are a one-vendor / one-relationship kind of company, as we have over 100 features to bring your content into the streaming world in only four weeks. Our bug-free, risk-free solution requires no need for engineers or UX designers. That’s why Streann Media is backed by over 500 clients streaming content in over 150 countries!
Think of it this way: hiring lots of freelancers to launch your platform is like making a lego tower with different sized and colored blocks. But if you use/hire us? You get a tower where the building blocks seamlessly fit and integrate into each other, giving you a user-friendly OTT platform that your audience will definitely be entertained by.

In seismic shift, Warner Bros. to stream all 2021 films.

The movie giant has embraced a digital future. The rest of the industry would do well to pay mind.
In the most dramatic move by a Hollywood studio yet during the pandemic, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that all of its 2021 films — including a new “Matrix” movie, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, and the Lin-Manuel Miranda adaptation “In the Heights” — will stream on HBO Max at the same time the films play in theaters. This week, the entertainment giant finally shattered Hollywood’s way of doing business, perhaps for all time. The company said its entire slate of movies for 2021 -17 in all- would drop onto its HBO Max streaming service on the same day they appear in theaters, abandoning the old system of “windowing” its cinematic releases. Streaming is the future of content Warner’s future lies primarily in making its streaming service the center of the action, and that means making the studio’s reliance on big theatrical releases a thing of the past. Embracing reality, the company chose to invests heavily film IP in vital direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses, which is a trend that we have seen exploding in 2020.
“Our content is extremely valuable, unless it’s sitting on a shelf not being seen by anyone,” said Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia, in a statement. “We believe this approach serves our fans, supports exhibitors and filmmakers, and enhances the HBO Max experience, creating value for all.”
Is This the End of the Movie Theater? It’s the most obvious takeaway, but it must be said: Theaters have no leverage here, and it’s unlikely they’ll regain any in time to stop the tides from shifting even further. Theater chains have previously fought tooth and nail against any potential decrease in the all-important exclusivity window, particularly in spats with Netflix over Oscar contenders like Roma and The Irishman. Prior to the pandemic, they could threaten to simply not allow a given release on their screens, jeopardizing both earning potential and awards eligibility. Now, their heaviest bargaining chip is off the table entirely. Want to convert your library into a modern media company? At Streann, we help content providers launch their own OTT in 24 hours. Our robust platform converts your content library into a money-making machine, through +100 distribution, engagement, and monetization features to dominate the new streaming era.

Hypergrowth for Advertising-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD)

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021 — Part 3

One of your biggest decisions when launching a new OTT service involves determining how you will monetize your content. The two primary revenue models commonly used by OTT content providers are ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD) — each of which comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges. 2020: A year of hypergrowth for AVOD AVOD has long been the “weak baby brother” of its mighty SVOD (subscription-based VOD brother). However, everything changed in 2020! Now Media Play News calls AVOD ‘Hollywood’s rising star’ and Broadcasting & Cable referred to it as the new ‘Media Gold Rush’. Why AVOD makes sense?
The new era of AVOD brings a huge opportunity for niche players with valuable content to launch a successful monetization model. Better targeting means more money Data allows for precise user-level targeting, making it an increasingly attractive option for advertisers. The concept is fairly simple to understand: if you have compelling content for cars, and -based on a wide array of attributes and online behavior- you know that your user is looking for a luxury SUV, then Tesla, BMW, Porsche, or Lexus will be willing to pay top dollars to be in front of that potential buyer. This is the new reality of successful AVOD companies: gather relevant data and implement a dynamic advertising model for brands.
Incorporating live streaming into an AVOD service is a must. This helps to extend audience reach as well as revenue opportunities, as live video is a great way to reach new viewers and keep current viewers engaged with new content, original shows, podcasts, and user-generated content, with creative options like games, chats, and polls. Streann: innovation in AVOD Want to launch your Advertising-supported Video on Demand? Our robust platform converts your content library into a money-making machine, through unique engagement and monetization features and the most robust advertising revenue models.

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021

Shifting to a direct customer relationship model

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021 — Part 2

Just you, me, and the TV Since the rise of digital over-the-top (OTT) programming, the transformation of the media/audience relationship has open the doors of possibilities for video. The key question is: how can video be leveraged to create a compelling, lasting, and valuable new field of engagement? A direct-to-customer (D2C) video destination is proving to be a winning way to rise above the din and gain mind/wallet share, but only when done right. “How to do it right” is a loaded question, because, in order to win at D2C, companies need to be really clear. Key Questions to ask:
Whatever your strategic vision is as an organization, there are ways to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience that won’t require your business to invest in a massive technology buildout. The shift is not just about how consumers consume their video, but about how video providers monetize. The emphasis is less about fast cash, and more about lifetime viewer engagement — building a destination that stays fresh and relevant to audiences, atop a technology and process stack that improves operational efficiencies and reduces total cost of ownership. The challenge for D2C brands is this: the way you monetize your content has a direct impact on how you deliver it. They’re interconnected.
A complete D2C video solution Streann Media offers a turnkey Direct-To-Consumer Solution (D2C) as a smarter way to quickly and cost effectively build, launch, and manage a world-class OTT experience. No matter how the journey begins, we manage the complexities of multi-platform content management and delivery workflows while keeping costs in check. As audience behaviors are always changing, we have the agility to scale and adapt so that your service remains relevant. Going over-the-top with less complexity, more flexibility, and MORE CONTROL!
Key Features: – Flexibility to explore new business models in an ever-changing media landscape. – Ability to expand audience size, increase the lifetime value of each viewer, and gain the insights needed to keep both factors on a path of continuous improvement. – Complete control and development of your online video brand.

Series: 5 OTT trends to watch in 2021

Unleash the power of remote live streaming

Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021 — Part 1

By all means, this was an extraordinary year. In 2020 we have seen more changes to our industry than in the previous five years, and there’s no sign that things will slow down anytime soon. But in chaos lies opportunity — and for live video, the opportunity of a TV studio anywhere, for producing and sharing your content during this turbulent period and beyond is a game-changer. Still not sure if you want to embrace live streaming video? Here are three key data points to help you decide:
These live streaming statistics paint a picture of a vibrant industry that is on the rise. It’s not just good enough to have the distribution, like the old days with ABC, CBS or ESPN. You now need to control the content. Why? Because the internet commoditizes everything EXCEPT owning quality content. The new formula is clear: Create the content, distribute it, make it engaging, and monetize it.
The secret sauce for live streaming: quality matters! Even though audiences are not expecting hollywood-style video (that’s a lesson to learn from Quibi’s demise) there are two key components of your live streaming strategy. Reliability Online videos with a start-up time exceeding even two seconds have significantly higher streaming video abandonment rates, with each incremental second propelling another 6% of viewers to jump ship. Incorporate users into your live-streaming strategy It is a fact that content providers need to become more like Tik-Tok, and adopt features where users discover content non-stop. User-generated content -or UGC- in a branded OTT app means that your content platform includes the end-user: they become active contributors instead of passive consumers. That’s why Streann Media just launched a game-changer! Presenting Inside-Switcher, the first Video Studio app with different multi-camera possibilities. Our new app will enable content creators to have a TV studio anywhere.
How does it work? Inside-Switcher synchronizes the images from smartphones or tablets and gives the possibility to choose the desired shot. Then content creators can add graphics, text, images, videos and remote video calls. This is a perfect solution to make quality programs, gatherings, round tables, interviews, event coverage, visual radio with live broadcasts through YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Linkedin, and other platforms. Learn more at http://streann.com/insideswitcher/

Transform the Media Landscape this Holiday Season!

Connected TV is a key platform for growth
The holiday season in 2020 brings a unique opportunity for content creators and broadcasters, as increased demand for streaming content will bring unprecedented demand for digital ads. Your best bet is to bring your content to the living room and into the hands of users in multiple devices, and it is clear that to conquer the living room, you must have a winning Connected TV strategy.
How to become a streaming-first organization? The new reality of the post-Covid world is here to stay: Content providers, sport organizations, churches, and others need to embrace direct-to-consumer streaming or risk becoming irrelevant. Your content in 2021 has to be accesible in all the different platforms for users their preferred formats, with clear data feedback on their behavior when consuming your content. How to choose a Streaming Platform Provider? There are three main questions to answer:
Here is the good news! Just recently, if a broadcaster needed to launch a streaming service, it would require hundreds of thousands of dollars and over two years of technical development. Now, Streann OTT allows your organization to launch the most innovative streaming service in just a few weeks, with even more features than Netflix or Spotify. Regarding the return of your investment, you should look for flexible technology providers that allow iteration within different monetization models. You may want to experiment with using Advertising-based Video On-Demand, Subscription-based Video On-Demand, or a hybrid.
Streann is the most robust turn-key solution to bring your content across all platforms ready for the holiday season! We can have your Streaming app live and in market with pixel-perfect custom design within 4 weeks. If you’re considering launching new apps, or apps on additional platforms we’d love to help you make your holiday season a merry one, and make your 2021 even better.