Series: Five OTT trends to watch in 2021

Welcome to the era of smart content!

It might seem easy, but one of the biggest challenges content providers and broadcasters face is to direct individual users to the content they really want to enjoy at just the right moment.

Most streaming services use tools to make recommendations based solely on an association to something the user watched or listened to in the past. However, you need to go a step further and offer them a personalized experience on your content platform.

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What is smart content?

Smart content means that content experience itself is affected by who is seeing, watching, reading, or listening to content. The content itself changes based on who you are.

For example, TikTok’s whole content experience is driven by very short videos, audiovisual content sequences ordered and woven together by algorithms. Every user sees a different, personalized, “whole” based on their viewing history and user profile.

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How to craft your smart content strategy

To achieve the next level of content personalization, you’ll need a richer understanding of your audience’s behavior. And lucky for you, the data already exists: you just need to analyze it in a smart way.

Together, we unlock the power of your data. We gather your audience’s interactions from multiple sources, slice them to better understand engagement patterns, and obtain the KPIs that will really have an impact on your user’s experience.

The possibilities of packaging and recommending content are unlimited!

AI and machine learning algorithms can help you fully understand and process all these data. This way, you can make better recommendations, offering a content experience the current viewer is more likely to engage with across devices.

In the post-Netflix and Spotify era, let’s unlock your data’s power and create the future of content.