We all know that 2020 was a year of transformation. For content creators and broadcasters, it was more like a tsunami!
After launching more OTT projects than ever last year, here are the top trends for 2021:
1. It’s not just Disney. Corona’s silver lining drives new verticals to OTT.
Disney recently announced it’s a streaming-first company after the successful OTT launch, and 2020 found many more entertainment brands making this transition. CBSViacom announced Paramount+ to consolidate many of its digital offerings, while Warner -in a seismic shift- announced that they will be streaming all 2021 films!

You’d be surprised at the types of companies transitioning to be Streaming-First! There are now 300 OTT apps live in the US alone, as the streaming industry is expanding: sports leagues and teams, fitness and wellness, live music and faith are now streaming experiences to the living room and mobile devices. In 2021, we’ll see some (if not all) of these genres evolve into verticals of their own.
At Streann Media, we’re speaking with more and more new properties than ever before in our company’s 5-year history.
2. OTT advertising experiences exponential growth
Global brands are paying attention to the shift to Connected TVs and mobile, and they are paying premium rates for the right audience, making advertising-based streaming services a great business model option.

A record 25–30% of upfront budgets went to streaming. and Q4 saw even more in-app advertising, as brands turned to Connected TV and mobile for guaranteed delivery.

3. In-app advertising grows faster than SVOD
Consumers are turning to ad-supported apps to find new content without busting their entertainment budgets. It’s now widely accepted that watching ads pays for premium content, and viewers understand (vs. resent) their presence.

Viewers continue to turn to Connected TVs as the device of choice for episodic content.
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