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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Streann.

Do I need to code?
No, you don't need to code. You just have to upload your logo/brand and your content. It's that easy to start with Streann. 

Do I need to update the apps?
No, you don't have to update the apps. We do all you need to keep all your apps live and updated.

Can I sell advertising for my app?
Yes, you can sell ads by your own. You have the control of your CPM and your entire digital advertising business.

What if I already have a CDN or streaming service?
Yes, you can. With Streann, you can integrate with any CDN provider.

Can I update the content and layout of the application?
Yes, you can. With Streann's powerful and friendly platform, updates are very easy to make.

Do I need to submit the apps to the stores?
No, you don't need to submit the apps to the stores. We do all the work for you. 

Do I need a development team?
No, you don't need a development team. Streann has a strong and reliable team of coders and developers who work to keep your content business running.

Can I get analytics about the content viewed?
Yes, you can. Streann's platform offers an entire analytics panel with all the data you can need to keep growing your business/channel.

Can I use my own Android and Apple developer account?
Yes, you can. If you have already an Android and/or Apple developer account, you don't have to switch or create new accounts.

Can I bring my own advertisers?
Yes, you can bring in programmatic advertising and direct ads. With Streann, it's very easy to upload, schedule and track your campaigns with your advertisers.

Increase your revenues

With Youtube

500,000 Monthly/Views

Estimated Earnings

Get 100% real impressions. Embrace the power of local ads where you control CPM pricing and keep all the benefits of digital advertisement. No more skip-ads!

*This estimates your earnings before Youtube’s cut. The estimated earnings that the average YouTube creator could expect to receive from ads on a new video on their channel if EVERYBODY watched the ad on their video and the advertiser paid the average $7.60 CPM is 55% x $7.60, equaling $4.18 per 1,000 views.

*$716 - $1,193/Month 

With Your Own Streann App

500,000 Monthly/Views

Estimated Earnings

**This estimates your earnings with your own branded Streaming app. Streann offers a wide variety of advertising placements. 100% real impressions.

**$4,296 - $9,544/Month


Discover how Streann can help you to monetize and scale your content business!

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Want to have a chat? Call us at +1-866-706-6247

Want to have a chat? Call us at +1 866-706-6247

Reinventing Video Production

The first Video Studio app with 

different multi-camera possibilities.

“Tablets, camera, action."

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How does it work?

Inside-Switcher synchronizes the images from smartphones or tablets and gives the possibility to choose the desired shot. Then content creators can add graphics, text, images, videos and remote video calls.

Tell your video story
If you choose Camera, then simply connect via wireless your smartphone camera to the Inside-Switcher director mode and now you are ready to broadcast to many destinations including social media

Monetize your content

Make quality programs, gathering, round tables, interviews, event coverage,visual radio with live broadcast through YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and coming soon LinkedIn & other platforms.

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